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Ноутбук samsung notebook 7 spin

Ноутбук Samsung Notebook 7 Spin в двух вариантах|Компютеры

Ноутбук Samsung Notebook 7 Spin выделяется дизайнерскими решениями и неплохими характеристиками, при этом производитель применил функцию быстрой зарядки.

Samsung пополнила ассортимент ноутбуков из серии Notebook 7 Spin – они должны заинтересовать людей, которые ищут универсальные устройства для повседневной работы.

Новая серия включает модели с сенсорным экраном с диагональю 13,3 и 15,6 дюймов – в обоих случаях они могут выводить изображение в разрешении Full HD (в режиме HDR), а благодаря специальной конструкции петель, экран можно повернуть на 360 градусов и использовать в режиме планшета, консоли или презентации. Дополнительным преимуществом является клавиатура со светодиодной подсветкой.

Меньшая модель базируется на процессоре Intel Core i7-6200U с интегрированным графическим ядром Intel HD 520, кроме того, была оснащена 8 ГБ оперативной памяти DDR4-2133 и традиционным жестким диском емкостью 1 ТБ. Она имеет менее 20 мм толщину и весит 1,77 кг.

Большая модель оснащена процессором Intel Core i7-6500U, 12 или 16 ГБ оперативной памяти DDR4 с частотой 2133 Мгц и видеокартой Nvidia GeForce 940MX. Для хранения данных добавлен жесткий диск емкостью 1 ТБ, но можно выбрать версию с дополнительным носителем (SSD) объемом 128 ГБ. Ноутбук имеет такую же толщину, но весит 2,27 кг.На корпусе выведены разъемы аудио, два порта USB 2.0, порт USB 3.0 тип C, порт USB 3.0, выход HDMI и устройство чтения карт памяти SD/SDHC/SDXC, а в большей модели дополнительно разъем RJ45 gigabit сетевой адаптер.

Дополнительным преимуществом моделей серии Notebook 7 Spin является быстрое время зарядки – 20 минут зарядки достаточно, чтобы продлить работу на 2 часа, а полная зарядка занимает всего 90 минут в версии 15,6-дюймовой или 100 минут в версии 13,3-дюймовой.

Модель Notebook 7 Spin Notebook 7 Spin Notebook 7 Spin
Экран 13,3″ (сенсорный) 15,6″ (сенсорный) 15,6″ (сенсорный)
Разрешение 1920 x 1080 пикселей 1920 x 1080 пикселей 1920 x 1080 пикселей
Процессор Intel Core i7-6200U Intel Core i7-6500U Intel Core i7-6500U
Оперативная память 8 ГБ DDR4 2133 Мгц 12 ГБ DDR4 2133 Мгц 16 ГБ DDR4 2133 Мгц
Видеокарта Intel HD 520 Nvidia GeForce 940MX Nvidia GeForce 940MX
Жесткий диск 1 ТБ HDD 1 ТБ HDD 1 ТБ HDD + 128 ГБ SSD
Аккумулятор 45 А·ч 45А·ч 45 А·ч
Размеры 323,4 x 227,7 x 19,8 мм 374,5 x 256,9 x 19,8 мм 374,5 x 256,9 x 19,8 мм
Вес 1,77 кг 2,27 кг 2,27 кг
Цена $800 $1000 $1200мм

Все три версии уже доступны в официальном магазине производителя – версия 13,3-дюймовая была оценена в 800 долларов, а за 15,6-дюймовые нужно заплатить 1000 или 1200 долларов.

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Samsung Notebook 7 Spin - Full Review and Benchmarks

At first glance, the Samsung Notebook 7 Spin is the most beautiful convertible 2-in-1 on the market. When you really take a good look (and go hands-on), that facade starts to crack. The $1,199 ($999 to start) laptop's shallow keyboard, poor-quality webcam and lackluster battery take away from that initial glow. But if you care about style, the Notebook 7 Spin has it in spades, and the performance from its Core i7 processor and Nvidia GeForce 940MX graphics card may be enough for you to overlook its shortcomings

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The Notebook 7 Spin is the most beautiful 2-in-1 Ive laid my eyes on to date. The silver aluminum chassis is built solidly and the rounded edges are inviting and attractive. Opening the reflective plastic lid reveals the 15.6-inch, 1080p touch screen and a full island-style keyboard with number pad. Unlike the smaller Samsung Notebook 9 Spin, which has two hinges, the Notebook 7 flips around a single hinge with the computers name on it. The whole package looks quite a bit like a MacBook but Apple doesnt make a 2-in-1.

At 5 pounds and 14 x 10.1 x 0.8 inches, the Notebook 7 is heavier than the rest of the field, but a little smaller than most of its competitors. Lenovos business 2-in-1, the ThinkPad X1 Yoga, is both thinner and lighter (2.8 pounds, 13.1 x 9 x 0.7 inches). But among consumer models, the HP Spectre x360 15t (4.2 pounds, 14.8 x 9.8 x 0.6 inches) and Dell Inspiron 15 7000 (4.6 pounds, 14.9 x 9.9 x 0.7 inches) have larger footprints.

The 360-hinge allows for the Notebook 7 to be placed into four different modes: a laptop, a tablet (by folding the screen all the way around), a tent (placed as an upside down "V") and a stand (by placing the keyboard facedown and the monitor standing straight up). 

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The sides of the Notebook 7 Spin feature all of the ports you need for work and play. The left is home to the power jack, an Ethernet jack, HDMI output, USB 3.0 and Type-C ports and audio output. The right is where youll find two USB 2.0 ports, an SD card slot and space for a security lock.


The display on the Notebook 7 Spins 15.6-inch, 1080p display is extremely sharp but not as vivid as its competitors. When I watched the trailer for Assassins Creed, it was easy to see specks of fire during an attack and grime on the assassins faces. Some charging soldiers red, flowing capes appeared far too dark, and the screen had a bit of a blue tint overall.

The screen covers 72.2 percent of the color gamut, less than the mainstream notebook average of 88 percent. The Dell Inspiron 15 7000 was worse at 62 percent, but the ThinkPad X1 Yoga (102 percent) and the Spectre x360 (119 percent) were far more vivid.

In our color-accuracy testing, the Notebook 7's screen had a Delta-E score of 1.8 (zero is best), far below the average of 4.2. The Spectre x360 (4.1) was just below the average, but the ThinkPad X1 Yoga (1.0) and the Inspiron 15 (0.9) were both more precise.

The Notebook 7 Spins display has an average brightness of 260 nits, which also happens to be the mainstream average. The Spectre x360 (246 nits) and the Inspiron 15 (244 nits) were dimmer, but the ThinkPad X1 Yoga (279 nits) was a bit more luminous.

Keyboard and Touchpad

The keyboard on the Notebook 7 is too shallow for my liking with just 1.36 millimeters of travel, and the 56 grams of force required to press the keys down made me bottom out frequently. When I took the 10fastfingers.com typing test, I reached 105 words per minute, which is about average for me, with my standard 2 percent error rate. I didnt get to those speeds easily; it hurt when I was done typing.

The 4.2 x 3-inch touchpad is nice and responsive. The smooth glass felt comfortable under my fingers and I had no problem navigating, scrolling, zooming or performing any of Windows 10s gestures.


The speakers on the Notebook 7 dont get as loud as I'd like. When I listened to the Eagles "Hotel California," the speakers just filled our medium-size conference room. The drums and cymbals came through the speakers clearly, as did the songs iconic guitar and bass. The vocals, however, were shallow and didnt stand out on the track. 

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The Notebook 7 we reviewed came with a 2.5-GHz Intel Core i7-6500U, 16GB of RAM, an Nvidia GeForce 940MX GPU with 2GB of VRAM, a 1TB, 5,400 rpm HDD and a 128GB SSD. That was more than enough for heavy multitasking; I had 15 tabs open in Google Chrome, one of which was streaming 1080p video from YouTube, with no lag at all.

On the Geekbench synthetic benchmark, which measures overall performance, the Notebook 7 notched a score of 7,132, just under the mainstream laptop average of 7,521. Still, it outperformed its competition, including the ThinkPad X1 Yoga (7,064), the Inspiron 15 (6,499) and the Spectre x360 (6,376).

The Notebook 7 copied 4.97GB of mixed-media files, including photos, music and videos, in 1 minute and 5 seconds, a speed of 77.5 megabytes per second, which is sluggish compared with the mainstream average of 181.1MBps, as well as the Inspiron 15 (122.6MBps), the Spectre x360 (149.7MBps) and the ThinkPad X1 Yoga (a blazing 186.2MBps).

On our spreadsheet macro test, the Notebook 7 matched 20,000 names and addresses in 1 minute a 5 seconds. While thats quicker than the 1:29 category average, the Spectre x360 (0:34), the ThinkPad X1 Yoga (0:35) and the Inspiron 15 (0:41) were far faster.

The Notebook 7 earned a score of 88,956 on the 3DMark Ice Storm Unlimited benchmark. Thats not high enough for the most intense games like Metro: Last Light, but you should be fine playing lighter titles like World of Warcraft, and the extra power should be useful for creatives using programs like Photoshop and Illustrator. That score beats the category average of 73,353, and the ThinkPad X1 Yoga (70,475), the Spectre x360 (64,632) and the Inspiron 15 (64,067), all of which use Intel's integrated 520 graphics.


If you video chat on Skype with any regularity, youll want to buy an external webcam alongside the Notebook 7. A selfie I took with the 480p camera was grainy and dark. My face was pixelated, my hair looked like an amorphous blob sitting atop my head and our office appeared as if it were cast in shadow.

Battery Life

Keep a charger nearby, because youre going to need it. The Notebook 7 lasted just 5 hours and 53 minutes on the Laptop Mag Battery Test, which involves continuously browsing the web over Wi-Fi. The average for a mainstream notebook is 6:31, a time exceeded by the Inspiron 15 (6:55), the ThinkPad X1 Yoga (7:52) and the Spectre x360 (8:27). 

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The bottom of the Notebook 7 got a little toasty after we streamed 15 minutes of HD video from Hulu. It reached 98 degrees Fahrenheit, which is beyond our comfort threshold of 95 degrees. The touchpad (83.4 degrees) and center of the keyboard (93 degrees) stayed nice and cool.

Software and Warranty

The Notebook 7 has a mix of useful programs and complete junk preinstalled. Among the unwanted bloatware are Candy Crush Soda Saga, Flipboard, TripAdvisor, Netflix, Twitter and Norton Security. Samsung includes a recovery utility for backup management, Simple Sharing for exchanging files with Android devices, and Wi-Fi Transfer, which sends files to other computers wirelessly.

Samsung sells the Notebook 7 Spin with a one-year warranty. See how Samsung performed on our Best and Worst Brands ranking and Tech Support Showdown.


The Notebook 7 Spin that we reviewed included a 2.5-GHz Intel Core i7-6500U; 16GB of RAM; an Nvidia GeForce 940MX GPU with 2GB of VRAM; a 1TB, 5,400 rpm HDD; and a 128GB SSD. This configuration will set you back $1,199.

A configuration with 12GB of RA and no SSD that is otherwise identical will run you $999. If you want a smaller screen, there's a $799 version with a 13-inch, 1080p display, a Core i5-6200U CPU, 8GB of RAM and a 1TB HDD.

Bottom Line

If you care about your laptop looking as good as it performs, the Samsung Notebook 7 Spin will catch your eye with its minimalist look. In addition, it has enough horsepower for some graphic design and the lightest of gaming. Unfortunately, its shallow keyboard, sloppy webcam and ephemeral battery life make it more difficult to recommend for true productivity users.

If you dont need the graphics performance, the HP Spectre x360 15t (starting at $1,150) is also beautiful but offers several hours more battery life and amazing speakers. The 14-inch ThinkPad X1 Yoga (starting at $1,394) also offers excellent battery life and is far lighter than either the Spectre or the Notebook 7. But the Notebook 7 is a capable device -- some might even call it beautiful -- as long as you can move past the flaws below the surface.



Samsung Notebook 7 Spin Review

Introduction, Design, & Features

If you were never quite sure what an ATIV Book was, you'll be pleased that Samsung is now referring to its portables by the friendly and familiar word "notebook," as we saw with the $999 Samsung Notebook 9. You'll be even more pleased that the company, once known for upscale ultrabooks, has now opted for mainstream, affordable prices—such as $1,199 for a loaded 15.6-inch convertible.

That convertible is the Notebook 7 Spin seen here, and we're not kidding when we call it loaded. Instead of a Core i5 processor, there's a Core i7 chip. Instead of integrated graphics, there's Nvidia's GeForce 940MX. Instead of 8GB of memory, there's 16GB of DDR4. Instead of a small solid-state drive, there's both a 128GB SSD and a 1TB hard drive.

Now, we can quibble about some Spin specs that place the 2-in-1 on the mainstream and affordable rather than premium side of the line. The Core i7 is a dual- rather than quad-core. The Serial ATA SSD, while much quicker than a platter drive, doesn't have the sizzling performance of the PCI Express/NVMe drives found in current cutting-edge laptops. The touch screen stops at full HD (1,920x1,080) resolution rather than 4K (3,840x2,160).

And we can quibble about 15.6-inch convertibles generally—while their flip-and-fold displays are great for presentations or video viewing in easel-like stand or A-frame tent modes, we've observed many a time that five pounds is too much to heft when the screen and keyboard are placed back to back in tablet mode. Like its competitors, the Samsung is destined to be used in laptop mode nearly all the time, with only occasional laptop or tabletop (not held in midair) sessions in tablet mode.

(If you're looking for something lighter, Samsung offers two 13.3-inch convertibles: a Core i5 Notebook 7 Spin for $799 that's a fairly weighty 3.9 pounds and a Core i7 Notebook 9 Spin for $1,199 that's a trimmer 2.9 pounds. There's also a $999 15.6-inch Notebook 7 Spin with 12GB of RAM and no SSD.)

But if you're in the market for a big-screen hybrid and don't need a 4K pixel count, there's a good deal to like about the 15.6-inch Notebook 7 Spin. Let's check it out.


Measuring 14.7 by 10.1 by 0.8 inches, the Spin is well balanced for carrying in one hand, though you'll definitely notice its five-pound weight in your briefcase. Its AC adapter is palm-sized, roughly equivalent to a short stack of cell phones or three-quarters of an eyeglass case.

The system lid and keyboard deck are silver-gray aluminum while its bottom is grippable textured plastic. A chrome Samsung logo decorates the lid and the words "Notebook 7 Spin" appear on the hinge that spans most of the convertible's width. Opening the lid reveals the black keyboard with number pad, as well as a thumb-thick black bezel around the display. Another Samsung logo is centered beneath the screen and an extremely grainy and pixelated Webcam is centered above it.

We were bemused to find two USB 2.0 ports on the Spin's right side, between an SD card slot and a security lock slot; we don't know why, in this day and age, they couldn't be USB 3.0 ports. There is one USB 3.0 port on the system's left edge, along with a USB-C port; HDMI and Gigabit Ethernet ports; and an audio jack.

The right side also houses a volume rocker and a power button which you may rarely use—by default, the Samsung powers up when you open its lid. We were pleased to see the Ethernet port backing up the system's 802.11ac Wi-Fi and Bluetooth.

Even with the volume cranked all the way up, the two 1.5-watt speakers will only fill a small to medium-sized room. Sound quality is fair, with good high and middle tones but predictably weak bass.


Configured out of the box to 125 percent zoom, the 15.6-inch 1080p screen makes menus and icons crisp and legible. Contrast is good, though white backgrounds look grayish unless you stick to the top couple of brightness levels. Colors are a bit muted unless you use the Samsung Settings app to switch on High Dynamic Range (HDR) for video playback; the feature didn't make a night-and-day difference in our tests, but movie trailers on YouTube looked slightly more vivid, with better flesh tones, with HDR activated.

Viewing angles are broad, as you'd expect from an in-plane switching (IPS) display—or, in this case, a plane-to-line switching (PLS) panel, Samsung's version of IPS which the company says provides a smidgen of extra brightness at slightly lower manufacturing costs. The touch screen overlay is sure and responsive; we found ourselves swiping and scrolling with a finger even in laptop mode as well as tent, stand, and tablet modes.

The keyboard features inverted-T arrow keys, small but sufficiently segregated from the main keys, and curved keycaps for more comfortable home-row resting. Actual typing is a bit less comfortable, with a somewhat shallow or flat feel and a plasticky rattle (it's one of the noisiest laptop keyboards we've tried lately). An hour's practice helped considerably, but we never warmed to the keyboard thoroughly.

A handy Fn Lock key frees you from having to press the Fn key along with function keys for system commands such as F6 for mute or F9 to cycle through three backlight brightness levels. The squarish touch pad glides smoothly and taps easily.

Along with a handful of bloatware such as Candy Crush Soda Saga and TripAdvisor, Samsung preloads the Spin with a couple of utilities for system restore and convenient file transfer to and from Android phones and tablets. The warranty is for one year.

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Предварительный обзор Samsung Notebook 7 Spin. Корейцы вышли на рынок трансформеров

Стоит сразу отметить, что компания Samsung практически свернула производство своих ноутбуков и за последнее время мы практически не видели ничего от корейцев в этом направлении. Однако, компания имеет большие шансы на успех, ведь лояльных покупателей у Samsung куда больше, чем у потенциальных конкурентов. Вот сейчас анонсировали ноутбук Samsung Notebook 7 Spin, который ориентирован на людей с активной жизненной позицией и работой вдалеке от постоянного рабочего места и настольного компьютера. Кроме того, ноутбук является трансформером и умеет превращаться из обычного ноутбука в планшет и наоборот. Для этого инженерам пришлось разработать фирменные шарниры, но по нашему мнению и это не спало гаджет от провала. Да, сейчас говорить о потенциальном успехе продукта еще рано, но нам кажется, что гаджет опоздал на пару лет - данные технологии и фишки удивляли несколько лет назад, но уж точно не сегодня.


Для начала стоит отметить, что производитель выпустил два варианта ноутбука - один с диагональю 15,6 дюймов, а второй на 13,3 дюйма и они в корне отличаются по производительности. У модели с большей диагональю дисплея установлен процессор Core i7 Skylake от компании Intel с высокой производительностью и возможностью работать с тяжелыми видеоредакторами и прочими продуктами. У младшей же модели установлен процессор Core i5 того же поколения Skylake. Мощности немного меньше, это сильно заметно при обработке видео. Так же старшая модель отличается от младшей наличием дискретной видеокарты NVIDIA GeForce GTX 940MX, тогда как на компактном варианте используется встроенная видеокарта. Работать ноутбуки будут на оперативной памяти от 4 до 16 гигабайт, этого с головой достаточно для любого типа пользователей. А если вам много ОЗУ не нужно - берите минимум и экономьте деньги.

Дизайн корпуса

Ноутбук выкрашен в серебристый цвет и чем-то напоминает MacBook Pro. Например, клавиатура тоже черная, островного типа, расположение клавиш, шрифт и даже стрелочки практически идентичны. Есть большая сенсорная панель, но она почему-то двинула влево, пользоваться будет не очень удобно. Вокруг дисплея размещена черная рамка с глянцевым покрытием, она симметрична и придает устройству немного лоска. Здесь же находится логотип компании Samsung, как на мобильных телефонах, есть камера и датчики слежения. Тыльная сторона ничем примечательным не отметилась, а вот на боковых гранях масса разъемов.


Начну с дисплея - он здесь отличный, во всех версиях ноутбука. При таком разрешении 1920 на 1080 точек позволяют вам получать контент с должной долей комфорта и удобства, глаза не болят. Стоит так же напомнить, что дисплей имеет поворотный механизм. Вы можете отвернуть клавиатуру на 360 градусов и получить тент для презентации или планшет для игрушек и серфинга в интернете. На боковой грани можно найти разъемы, есть даже для Ethernet, а производитель еще и хвастается возможностью быстрой зарядки - за 20 минут гаджет заряжает батарею до 2 часов автономной работы.


Если честно, в данном ноутбуке нет ничего, что могло бы нас реально удивить или привлечь внимание. Да, у ноутбука есть поворотный дисплей, но таких продуктов сейчас масса и практически каждый производитель уже что-то, да показал. Начинка мощная, дизайн кому-то понравится, но, опять же, аналогичные преимущества есть еще у десятка ноутбуков. Стоимость данного гаджета начинается с 800 долларов, это за минимальную комплектацию, и, в принципе, за счет этого новинка может потягаться с конкурентами.


Samsung Notebook 7 Spin - 2017 Laptops

As manufacturers have continued to trim down the sides of their laptops, the fresh designs tend to come at the expense of upgradability. Just recently, Samsung announced a viable solution; the Samsung Notebook 7, a fast charging 2 in 1 laptop that allows the user to add more hard disk space, and RAM. The Samsung Notebook 7 goes for an estimated $1,199. If you really care about style, then the Notebook 7 definitely has its spades. Here are some of the laptop’s key features:

Samsung Notebook 7 – Feature Overview:

The Samsung Notebook 7 spin is one of the most beautiful notebooks in the market. The laptop features a solidly built chassis which has rounded edges that are so attractive and inviting. Under the plastic lid is a 15.6 inch 1080p touch-screen display, full island-style keyboard with a numeric keypad. Unlike Samsung’s Notebook 9 Spin, that has two hinges, the Notebook 7 flips around a single hinge with the laptop’s name on it. The notebook is much similar to Apple’s MacBook Air. This notebook weighs 5 pounds which is much heavier than most notebooks in its category.

Notebook 7’s display unit is exceedingly sharp, though not as clear as that of its competitors. Additionally, this laptop has an average display brightness of 260 units. Its closest competitors, the Inspiron 15 and Spectre x360 are many dimmers when compared to the Notebook 7.

Keypad and Touchpad:

Samsung undeniably did an exceptional job when designing the Notebook 7’s keyboard. Notebook 7’s keyboard requires an estimated 56 grams when typing. Apart from the keyboard, the touchpad is also exceedingly nice and highly responsive while the smooth glass is exceedingly comfortable to use. Thus the user will not have any problem performing a majority of the functions such as zooming, navigating and zooming.

Samsung Notebook 7 – Performance:

The Samsung Notebook 7 has been contrived with a 2.5 GHZ Intel Core i7, a NVIDIA GEFORCE 940 MX graphics card, and 1TB of hard disk space and 16GB of Ram. All these outstanding features make this notebook ideal for heavy multi-tasking and light games such as Warcraft. Additionally, all these extra powers make this notebook suitable for creative programs such as Illustrator and Photoshop.

Battery Life and Ports:

It is highly advisable to always have a charger close by since it will last for an estimated 5 hours and 53 minutes. This is somewhat low because the average for an ideal mainstream notebook is 6 hours and 30 minutes. The Notebook also comes with a MicroSD reader, an HDMI port, a 2.0 USB connection port and a 3.0 USB port.

Samsung Notebook 7 – Software and Warranty:

The Notebook 7 comes with a number of preinstalled programs such as Netflix, Twitter, TripAdvisor, Flipboard, and Norton Security. Samsung has also included a recovery utility which is mainly used for backup management together with Simple Sharing ideal for file transfer. Another key feature is a Wi-Fi transfer which is used for file transfer and sharing between laptops.

Bottom Line:

If you are looking for a laptop that has not only been brilliantly designed but also performs exceedingly well, then the Notebook 7 is unquestionably what you are looking for. Additionally, this notebook has more than enough horsepower for light gaming and graphic designing. All in all, the Notebook 7 is an exceedingly powerful laptop.


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