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Acer ASPIRE V3-551-64404G50Makk - laptop specifications. Acer ноутбук acer aspire v3 551 64404g50makk

Acer ASPIRE V3-551-64404G50Makk laptops specifications

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Basic Specs Acer ASPIRE V3-551-64404G50Makk



Operating System: An operating system (OS) is system software that manages computer hardware and software resources and provides common services for computer programs. The operating system is a component of the system software in a computer system. Application programs usually require an operating system to function.

Win 8 64

Processor Acer ASPIRE V3-551-64404G50Makk

Processor: Processor - is the electronic circuitry within a computer that carries out the instructions of a computer program by performing the basic arithmetic, logical, control and input/output (I/O) operations specified by the instructions.

A6 2700 MHz

Processor Model:


Number of Cores:


L2 cache:

1 MB

Memory Acer ASPIRE V3-551-64404G50Makk


4096 MB DDR3

Display Acer ASPIRE V3-551-64404G50Makk


15.6-inch, 1366x768, widescreen

Display Screen Type: A display screen made with TFT (thin-film transistor) technology is a liquid crystal display (LCD), common in notebook and laptop computers, that has a transistor for each pixel (that is, for each of the tiny elements that control the illumination of your display). Having a transistor at each pixel means that the current that triggers pixel illumination can be smaller and therefore can be switched on and off more quickly.


Backlight Technology: An LED-backlit LCD is a flat panel display which uses LED backlighting instead of the cold cathode fluorescent (CCFL) backlighting used by most other LCDs.[1] LED-backlit LCD TVs use the same TFT LCD (thin film transistor liquid crystal display) technologies as CCFL-backlit LCD TVs. Picture quality is primarily based on TFT LCD technology, independent of backlight type.


Graphics Chipset Model:

AMD Radeon HD 7520G

Graphics Memory:


Storage Devices Acer ASPIRE V3-551-64404G50Makk

Optical Drive Type: In computing, an optical disc drive (ODD) is a disk drive that uses laser light or electromagnetic waves within or near the visible light spectrum as part of the process of reading or writing data to or from optical discs. Some drives can only read from certain discs, but recent drives can both read and record, also called burners or writers. Compact disks, DVDs, and Blu-ray disks are common types of optical media which can be read and recorded by such drives. Optical disc drives that are no longer in production include CD-ROM drive, CD writer drive, and combo (CD-RW/DVD-ROM) drive. As of 2015, DVD writer drive is the most common for desktop PCs and laptops. There are also the DVD-ROM drive, BD-ROM drive, Blu-ray Disc combo (BD-ROM/DVDRW/CD-RW) drive, and Blu-ray Disc writer drive.

DVD-RW, internal

Storage Size: The amount of storage on a hard disk, measured in gigabytes and terabytes. Hard drive capacity is generally measured by the amount of data users need to store, which is usually much greater than the space applications take up.

500 GB Serial ATA

Communication Acer ASPIRE V3-551-64404G50Makk


Network 10/100 Mbit/s

Wireless Communication:

bluetooth, Wi-Fi 802.11n

Bluetooth Standard: Bluetooth is a wireless technology standard for exchanging data over short distances (using short-wavelength UHF radio waves in the ISM band from 2.4 to 2.485 GHz) from fixed and mobile devices, and building personal area networks (PANs). Invented by telecom vendor Ericsson in 1994, it was originally conceived as a wireless alternative to RS-232 data cables. It can connect several devices, overcoming problems of synchronization.



USB 2.0x2, USB 3.0, VGA (D-Sub), HDMI, microphone input, audio output/headphone, LAN (RJ-45)

Expansion slots Acer ASPIRE V3-551-64404G50Makk

Memory Card Reader: A memory card reader is a device for accessing the data on a memory card such as a CompactFlash (CF), Secure Digital (SD) or MultiMediaCard (MMC). Most card readers also offer write capability, and together with the card, this can function as a pen drive.


Memory Card Support:

MS, MS PRO, SD, xD-Picture Card

Battery Acer ASPIRE V3-551-64404G50Makk

Battery Capacity:

4400 mAh

Battery Chemistry: An electric battery is a device consisting of two or more electrochemical cells that convert stored chemical energy into electrical energy. Each cell has a positive terminal, or cathode, and a negative terminal, or anode. The terminal marked positive is at a higher electrical potential energy than is the terminal marked negative. The terminal marked positive is the source of electrons that when connected to an external circuit will flow and deliver energy to an external device. When a battery is connected to an external circuit, electrolytes are able to move as ions within, allowing the chemical reactions to be completed at the separate terminals and so deliver energy to the external circuit. It is the movement of those ions within the battery which allows current to flow out of the battery to perform work.


Input Devices Acer ASPIRE V3-551-64404G50Makk

Pointing Device Type: A pointing device is an input interface (specifically a human interface device) that allows a user to input spatial (i.e., continuous and multi-dimensional) data to a computer. CAD systems and graphical user interfaces (GUI) allow the user to control and provide data to the computer using physical gestures by moving a hand-held mouse or similar device across the surface of the physical desktop and activating switches on the mouse. Movements of the pointing device are echoed on the screen by movements of the pointer (or cursor) and other visual changes. Common gestures are point and click and drag and drop.


Audio Acer ASPIRE V3-551-64404G50Makk





Detailed Specs Acer ASPIRE V3-551-64404G50Makk




Lock slot

Dimensions (HxWxT):

382x253x35 mm


2.53 kg

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Review Acer Aspire V3-551G-10468G50Makk Notebook

Strong Multimedia All-rounder. Less than 600 Euro (~$770), but equipped with a quad-core CPU and dual graphics. That sounds like a cheap gaming-ready multimedia notebook. Is that what Acer is offering in the Aspire V3-551G-1048G50Makk? We will find out in our review.

All the Aspire V3 models have a black and silver look. The black piano finish is a magnet for scratches and fingerprints. A maintenance flap is present at the bottom.

The case of the Aspire V3-551G-10468G50Makk is identical to its Intel based sibling, the Aspire V3-571G-73614G50Makk. The back of the display, the screen bezel and the hand-rest regions have a glossy piano finish. This makes these areas a magnet for smudges and fingerprints, and the user should always have a cleaning cloth at his/her disposal. Overall, this is not an appealing look and the laptop comes off looking cheap. The top of the base unit (with the exception of the hand-rest areas) look far better. Acer employs a matte silver synthetic material which gives the laptop a metallic look. The silver material considerably improves the look of the laptop making it seem more high-quality. We would like to note that there are cheaper synthetic material builds.

The sturdiness of the case is decent. The base does not give way too much under pressure. The regions around the touchpad and the optical drive are more susceptible to flexing. The case has satisfactory workmanship, but there are a few slip-ups. For example, both the base and the display cover have a sharp edge.

The cover should have been stronger. It can be easily bent inwards, especially near the bottom. The hinges hold the display well, but tend to let it slip. The laptop cannot be opened with one hand.

The ports and their distribution are identical to that of the Aspire V3-571G-73614G50Makk. All ports, which are required nowadays, are provided. However, the positioning is not ideal. Almost all the interfaces are seated near the front. This means that they are easy to reach, but can also lead to an annoying clutter of cables next to the laptop.

Left side: Power in, Gigabit Ethernet port, VGA interface, HDMI, 1x USB 3.0, Microphone in, Audio combo interface Right side: Kensington Lock, DVD burner, 2 x USB 2.0 The front is occupied by a card reader which supports SD, MMC, Memory Stick, Memory Stick Pro, xD.


All the communication modules of our test model come from Atheros. Acer has picked the AR8151 model to serve as the Gigabit Ethernet chip. The WLAN module is dubbed the AR5BWB222. It supports the 802.11 a/g/n standards. The notebook even has space for an Atheros Bluetooth chip. This is placed above the WLAN and supports Bluetooth 4.0. Users of VoIP services will be happy with the integrated webcam (1.3 MP). Skype is already installed during first boot.


The laptop box contains the usual accessories: a few manuals, the warranty and security information, and a quick installation poster. That's it.

Operating System and Recovery

The laptop has Windows 7 Home Premium (64 bit) pre-installed. A Window 7 DVD is not provided with the notebook. Recovery is possible via the Recovery partition. The use of the Recovery system is quite easy: right after the laptop starts, the Recovery system can be accessed by pressing "Alt" + "F10". The user can then reset the laptop to factory settings. It is possible to keep the user data.

Of course, this will not matter if the hard disk is swapped out for a Solid State Disk. In that case, a Windows 7 installation DVD would be required. Here the reader can find out how to get a full-version Windows 7 DVD for free.

Additional Software

McAfee Internet Security Suite (60-day test version) takes care of the security needs of the laptop. The Microsoft Office 2010 Starter version is also installed alongside Windows Live Essentials 2011 (which contains an E-Mail program and video editing software). As mentioned earlier, Skype can also be found on the notebook. The laptop also has Cyberlink Media espresso. This can convert media files into formats supported by Smartphones, tablets and/or gaming consoles. Acer has also installed a plethora of its own tools on the laptop. The buyer can look forward to making an image of their hard disk using the Acer Backup Manager.


A flap on the bottom of the notebook grants access to the hard disk, the RAM and the WLAN module. The fan cannot be reached. The laptop has two RAM slots, both of which are occupied (2 x 4 GB). The user cannot upgrade this further as the laptop supports a maximum of 8 GB RAM. The installed hard disk can be easily swapped out. Simply take out the hard disk, put in the new one in the hard disk cage and put the screws back in. You are done.


Acer provides 24 months Pickup and Return warranty for the Aspire V3-551G-10468G50Makk (Acer will pick up the laptop from the buyer). This standard warranty can be extended: an extension up to 3 years can be bought for around 60 Euro (~$77). However, this must be purchased and activated within 90 days of buying the laptop.


Acer has installed a chiclet keyboard in the Aspire V3-551G. The main keys measure 15 mm x 15 mm and are placed 4 mm apart. There is no keyboard backlight. The keyboard gives way slightly under pressure, and is especially susceptible to flex near the optical drive. Overall it offers a comfortable typing experience. The keys have a medium stroke distance and a nice pressure point.


The touchpad (50 mm x 95 mm) is recessed from the rest of the hand-rest area. The roughened surface does not prevent the finger from sliding. This model is a multi-touch touchpad and supports functions like zooming into pictures with two fingers. As in the Aspire V3-571G-73614G50Makk, the Tap-to-Click sensitivity is set too high. Multiple times, an action was executed although we just wanted to move the cursor. The sensitivity can be reduced in the settings. Both mouse keys are placed below the touchpad and have a very weak pressure point.

The keyboard provides a comfortable typing experience. The touchpad is a little too sensitive.

Acer has equipped the Aspire V3-551G with a 15.6-inch display which has a native resolution of 1366x768 pixels. The display surface is reflective. This is an LED screen and Acer does not offer alternatives for the Aspire V3-551G. The average brightness of the screen is quite modest at 190.8 cd/m². The Aspire V3-571G-73614G50Makk is slightly better with a screen brightness of 197 cd/m². The Fujitsu Lifebook AH532 is worse with an average brightness of 173.9 cd/m².

Distribution of brightness

Gossen Mavo-Monitor

Maximum: 198 cd/m² Average: 190.8 cd/m²Brightness Distribution: 91 %Center on Battery: 198 cd/m²Contrast: 194:1 (Black: 1.02 cd/m²) Acer Aspire V3-551 vs. sRGB Acer Aspire V3-551 vs. AdobeRGB

The black value of 1.02 cd/m² is average as well. This applies to the contrast too which comes in at 194:1. Both these values should have been better. The Aspire V3-571G-73614G50Makk is worse at 1.55 cd/m² and 132:1, and the Fujitsu Lifebook AH532 (1.02 cd/m² and 178:1) lies at a similar level as the Aspire V3-551G-10468G50Makk. The sRGB and  AdobeRGB color space coverage is non-existent. However, this should not be a problem as these are only required for professional graphics editing.


The Aspire V3-551G-10468G50Makk is not made for outdoors use. The reflective display and low brightness make the screen content illegible outdoors. However, the laptop can be used in very dark spots.

The viewing angles of the Aspire V3-551G-10468G50Makk are like those of many other laptops. If the angle changes vertically, the picture quality quickly drops. Horizontally, the picture quality remains stable over a much larger angle. It is possible for multiple viewers to watch a video on this screen.

The Aspire V3-551G-10468G50Makk being used outdoors. Viewing angles of the Acer Aspire V3-551G-10468G50Makk.

The Acer Aspire V3-551G-10468G50Makk is a multimedia notebook. This means that everyday tasks such as surfing on the Internet, VoIP, playing YouTube videos or performing office functions are not a challenge for this model. The installed CPU and two GPUs make playing games possible. Of course, the performance is sufficient to play Blu-Ray discs, but the test model is not equipped with such a drive. We recommend swapping out the installed DVD burner for a Blu-Ray drive if the user requires it.

Both GPUs are capable of playing Blu-Ray discs. They have an integrated video encoder (AMD UVD3 decoder). This takes care of all the work while playing videos and does it very well. We ran a test video (Full HD resolution, H.264 coding) on the Aspire V3-551G-10468G50Makk and observed the CPU load. The load remained clearly under 10%, and often dropped to 0. We saw a similar trend while playing YouTube videos of the same resolution.

System information: Acer Aspire V3-551G-64404G50Makk

Acer has installed an APU (Accelerated Processing Unit) in the Aspire V3-551G-10468G50Makk. The APU is a combination of a CPU and a GPU and originates from AMD. The APU of our test model is named the AMD A10-4600M. The CPU part is composed of a quad-core CPU with a base clock speed of 2.3 GHz. AMD Turbo Core allows the boosting of the clock speed up to 3.2 GHz.

During our stress test (Prime95 and Furmark running simultaneously) the speed of the CPU fluctuated wildly (with the power adapter connected). The speeds ranged from 1800 MHz to 2700 MHz, and the four cores did not run at the same speed as each other. In fact, each core individually fluctuated in the above-mentioned range. The dual-graphics ran at 335 MHz. Now and then, the speed briefly rose to 500 MHz or 685 MHz. On battery mode, all cores ran at a constant 2.3 GHz. The dual-graphics ran permanently at 277 MHz.

We confirmed two trends during the Cinebench test. In the single thread test, the CPU ran at a constant 2.7 GHz (all four cores). In the multi-thread test the CPU cores operated at various speeds and continuously fluctuated between 2.3 and 2.7 GHz. Despite all this, the performance is at the expected level. To introduce the Trinity platform, AMD provided us with a notebook with an A10-4600M APU specifically made for performance testing. This notebook delivered similar results as our test model.

However, in the GL tests, the Aspire V3-551G-10468G50Makk lagged behind the above-mentioned laptop - despite the dual-graphics. The performance of the dual-graphics system heavily depends on the driver support and the game/program being run. This can lead to a 10-15% lower performance than systems with a single GPU.

The Aspire V3-551G-10468G50Makk can only stay on par with the Aspire V3-571G-73614G50Makk (Intel Core i7-3610QM, Nvidia GeForce GT 640M) in the GL tests of the Cinebench 10 benchmark. In other benchmarks, it is clearly the runner-up. The scores of the HP Pavilion g7-2051sg (AMD A10-4600M, AMD Radeon HD 7660G + HD 7670M Dual Graphics) are almost identical to those of the Aspire V3-551G.

Cinebench R10 Rendering Single 32Bit


Cinebench R10 Rendering Multiple CPUs 32Bit


Cinebench R10 Shading 32Bit


Cinebench R10 Rendering Single CPUs 64Bit

2817 Points

Cinebench R10 Rendering Multiple CPUs 64Bit

8096 Points

Cinebench R10 Shading 64Bit

5451 Points

Cinebench R11.5 CPU Multi 64Bit

2.01 Points

Cinebench R11.5 OpenGL 64Bit

27.61 fps


Windows 7 Experience Index


Calculations per second


Memory (RAM)

Memory operations per second



Desktop performance for Windows Aero


Gaming graphics

3D business and gaming graphics


Primary hard disk

Disk data transfer rate


PCMark Vantage Result4951 points
HD Tune CrystalDiskMark

Our test model is equipped with a hard disk from the Seagate Momentus 5400.6 series. The hard disk has a capacity of 500 GB and runs at a speed of 5400 rpm. The average transfer speed of 63.2 MB/s is modest. The access time is quite high at 19.3 ms. These numbers affect everyday use. The opening of applications is a little delayed. A gaming-ready multimedia laptop should have a faster hard disk as no user wants to wait very long for a game to start.

Transfer Rate Minimum: 33.5 MB/sTransfer Rate Maximum: 83.2 MB/sTransfer Rate Average: 63.5 MB/s Sequential Read: 78.11 MB/sSequential Write: 76.89 MB/s4K QD32 Write: 0.914 MB/s
3DMark 03 Standard21250 points
3DMark 05 Standard11763 points
3DMark 06 Standard7455 points
3DMark Vantage P Result5995 points
3DMark 11 Performance1988 points

We would expect a laptop with a quad-core CPU and dual-graphics to be able to run games without a problem. The games we tested ran at medium settings at the native resolution of 1366x768 pixels and were mostly fluid. Some games even ran smoothly at high settings. The frame rates were not as high as those of the Aspire V3-571G-73614G50Makk (Intel Core i7-3610QM, NVIDIA GeForce GT 640M). We have provided a table to show the difference in performance between the dual-graphics system and the A10-4600 APU with no additional dedicated GPU. We performed this comparison using the Trinity test platform provided to us by AMD. On average, the Aspire V3-551G-10468G50Makk can deliver 20% higher frame rates.

Noise Emissions 

The Acer Aspire V3-551G is a gaming-ready notebook which is quiet most of the time. While idle, the noise emission is at a constant 33.4 dB. The fan often switches off and then only the hard disk emits noise. At full load (Prime95 and Furmark), the emissions remains in the quiet region: 37.1 dB. Overall, the Aspire V3-551G-10468G50Makk is a little quieter than the Aspire V3-571G-73614G50Makk. The Fujitsu Lifebook AH532 is just as quiet while idle, but at load, it gets much louder than the other two models.


Noise Level


33.4 / 33.4 / 33.4 dB(A)

HDD 34.1 dB(A)
DVD 37.1 / dB(A)
Load 35.9 / 37.1 dB(A)


30 dBsilent

40 dB(A)audible

50 dB(A)loud

min: , med: , max:    Voltcraft SL-320 (15 cm distance)
The Acer Aspire V3-551G-10468G50Makk in the stress test.

The temperatures remained in the green region while the laptop was idle. The top and bottom temperatures ranged between 27.6 and 35.8 degrees Celsius. These temperatures make it possible to work comfortably with the notebook on the lap. At full load, the temperature range between 27.2 to 50.3 degrees Celsius. The bottom heats up to 50.3 degrees Celsius near the fan. The temperatures near the left hand-rest region and the touchpad were clearly above 40 degrees Celsius. At this point, the laptop could not be used as comfortably as before.

During the stress test (Prime95 and Furmark run for one hour) with the power cable connected, the CPU speed dropped heavily. We could measure speeds between 1800 MHz and 2700 MHz. Each CPU core fluctuated individually across this range. The two GPUs operated at 335 MHz, but were known to jump up to 500 MHz/685 MHz for a second. On the battery, the CPU cores stayed constant at 2.3 GHz. The two GPUs ran at a constant 277 MHz. The temperatures peaked at 73/74 degrees Celsius.

 40 °C37 °C27.2 °C 
 42.8 °C43.5 °C29.8 °C 
 48.2 °C45.3 °C35.8 °C 
Maximum: 48.2 °CAverage: 38.8 °C
29 °C33.8 °C47 °C
30.6 °C45 °C50.3 °C
31.8 °C43.6 °C46 °C
Maximum: 50.3 °CAverage: 39.7 °C

Power Supply (max.)  55.3 °C | Room Temperature 23.4 °C | Voltcraft IR-360

 33.1 °C31.8 °C27.6 °C 
 34 °C32.8 °C28.5 °C 
 32.5 °C33.6 °C33.6 °C 
Maximum: 34 °CAverage: 31.9 °C
27.8 °C31.4 °C34.7 °C
29.3 °C33 °C35.4 °C
31.3 °C35.8 °C34.1 °C
Maximum: 35.8 °CAverage: 32.5 °C

Power Supply (max.)  35 °C | Room Temperature 23.2 °C | Voltcraft IR-360

The speakers above the keyboard are hidden beneath a perforated cover. The sound is a little tinny and has weak bass. This can be improved using the pre-installed Dolby Home Theater software. Overall, the speakers of our test model do not stick out of the crowd of standard notebook speakers. Of course, those users who do not like the sound quality can switch to external speakers or headphones.

Power Consumption

While idle, the consumption is at a normal 9.3 - 13.4 W. At full load (Prime 95 and Furmark), the power consumption rises to 54.1 W. It rises once again to 80 W if the battery is being charged at full load. This makes it clear why the manufacturer provided a 90 W power adapter. This level of power consumption places the Aspire V5-551G below the Aspire V5-571G-73614G50Makk (90.7 W). The same is true when the laptop has medium load (3D Mark 06). The Aspire V5-551G requires 52.4 W whereas the Aspire V5-571G takes 75.6 W. The power consumption of the HP Pavilion g7-2051sg is similar to the test model at all times. This is surprising as the HP notebook has a 17.3 inch display.


While idle, Aspire V3-551G-10468G50Makk can run up to 7 hours 42 minutes (V3-571G: 7 hours 27 minutes, AH532: 4 hours 30 minutes). We measured this time using the Battery Eater Readers test. For this test, the screen runs at minimum brightness, the energy-saving profile is selected and the wireless modules (WLAN, Bluetooth) are turned off.  At load, the Aspire V3-551G-10468G50Makk can run up to 1 hour 17 minutes (V3-571G: 1 hour 30 minutes, AH532: 1 hour 21 minutes). We used the Battery Eater Classic test here. For this test, the screen runs at maximum brightness with all wireless modules turned on and "High Performance" mode selected.

During the WLAN test, a full charge could last for 4 hours 22 minutes (V3-571G: 3 hours 16 minutes, AH532: 3 hours 28 minutes). This test runs a script which loads webpages every 40 seconds. The energy-saving profile is slected and the brightness is set around 150 cd/m².

The Aspire V3-551G-10368G50Makk ran a good 2 hours 55 minutes (v3-551G: 2 hours 58 minutes, AH532: 3 hours 01 minute) in the DVD test. This is enough time to watch two movies. We set the display to maximum brightness and switched off all wireless modules. The energy-saving or higher profile (in case the DVD does not run smoothly) is used.

The run times of the Aspire V3-551G-10468G50Makk are decent. After all, the laptop has two GPUs and a quad-core processor. The run times of the two Acer models were very close. Our test model takes a clear lead over the Aspire V3-571G-73614G50Makk in the WLAN test. The Fujitsu Lifebook AH532 cannot keep up in idle mode. In the other tree tests, it runs about as long as the Aspire V3-571G. The run times of the three models are easily comparable as all three have a battery capacity of 48 Wh.

Battery Runtime
Idle (without WLAN, min brightness)7h 42min
WiFi Surfing4h 22min
DVD2h 55min
Load (maximum brightness)1h 16min

Acer offers a decent multimedia notebook in the Aspire V3-551G-10468G50Makk. This is a laptop which can take care of all your everyday needs. The notebook is even capable of running games at medium and sometimes higher settings. It offers good hardware, long battery life and is always quiet. The model even has a good keyboard. All this is available for less than 600 Euro (~$770). However, there is room for improvement. The maximum performance of the CPU and dual-GPU system is not available at full load. There are also issues with micro-stutters. The reflective display limits the use of the laptop to indoors.

The consumers, who can live with these flaws, will be happy with this gaming-ready multimedia notebook, which comes at a low price. Those buyers who require more performance can pay 50-100 Euros (~$65 - $130) more for the Intel version, the Aspire V3-571G-73614G50Makk (Intel Core i7-3610QM, NVIDIA GeForce GT 640M) or choose one of the other competitors.


Acer V3 551G Notebook İncelemesi

Acer’ın bu ürünü AMD’nin A10-4600M  işlemcisinin kullandıldığı Radeon HD 7600G grafik işlemcisi ile desteklenen ve 1333Mhz hızına sahip 6GB bellek kullanılan,  APU teknolojinin başarılı olarak kullandığı bir sistem. Cihazın piyasaya çıkış tarihinin üzerinden oldukça zaman geçti. Fakat  bu ürünün incelemesini aylar öncesinen yapmama rağmen yazısını yazmak bir türlü fırsat olmadı. Umarım yazının sonunda bu ürüne ait faydalı bilgilere sahip olabilirsiniz.


Cihazdan genel olarak bahsedecek olursak:  Acer birbirinden farklı müşterile için farklı cihazlar konfigüre etmektedir. Bu ürünün hitap ettiği kesim orta segment kullanıcılar diyebiliriz. Öncelikle 2.6 kg ağırlığı ile uzun süreli mobil kullanımda sıkıntılar yaşanabilir. Kullanılan A10-4600M işlemci performans bakımından yeterli seviyede. Sitemde kulllanılan 6GB bellek, 500GB sabit disk işletim sisteminizin performanslı çalışmasını rahatlıkla sağlayabilir.  İşlemciye gömülü olarak bulunan HD 7660G+7670M  grafik kartı oyun severlerin ihtiyacını güncel oyunlarda grafik seviyelerinin düşük kalitede olduğunu varsaydığımızda rahatlıkla karşılayabiliyor. 15.6″, 1366 x 768 çözünürlük, 16:9 parlak kaplamalı otomatik aydınlatmalı LED ekranı ile oldukça geniş bir bakış açısı ve ferah kullanım sağlıyor.  İşletim sistemi olarak Windows 8 yüklü olarak gelmektedir. İlk başlarda biraz zorluk çekebilirsini. Fakat Windows 8.1 güncellemesi ile eski kullanım alışkanlıklarınıza geri dönmeniz mümkün. Acer V3 551G hakkında kısa bilgiler verdikten sonra şimdi de cihazımızın genel görünümünden ve teknik özellikleri hakkında bilgiler verelim.


Acer V3 551G’ı yapı ve tasarım olarak incelersek;

Cihazda kullanılan malzeme kalitesi orta seviyede, kasa koyu gri parlak bir görünümde. Sağ tarafta optik okuyucu, 2 adet USB 2.0 ve kilit ünitesi mevcut. Sol kısımda adaptör ve LAN girişi ve VGA/HMDI görüntü çıkışı mevcut. Ayrıca 1 adet USB 3.0 girişi ve stero jack girişi de bulunmaktadır. Arka kısımda ise iki adet parlak gri kaplama plastikten oluşan menteşe bulunuyor. Ekran 150 derece açılı olacak şekilde rahatlıkla kullanılabilir.  Alt kısımda 6 hücreli batarya, soğutucu mazgallar ve cihazın ram, disk gibi aygıtlara ulaşabileceğiniz yerler mevcut. Ön sol kısımda ise kart okuyucu ve led lambaları bulunmakta. Üst bölümde solda açma/kapama düğmesi bulunuyor. İki adet hoparlör klavye setinin hemen üzerinde konumlandırılmış. Klavye setinde numerik tuşlar ayrı olarak konumlandırılmış. Dışa doğru çıkıntılı tuşlar ve tuş aralarındaki rahat mesafe sayesinde uzun süreli klavye kullanımı insanı rahatsız etmiyor. 2.6 kg olan ağırlığı uzun süreli taşıma esnasında sizi biraz zorlayabilir.


Acer V3 551G’ı donanımsal olarak incelersek;

Cihaz AMD’nin A10-4600M  2.30GHz işlemcisine sahip. Sistem 4 + 2GB şeklinde takılan DDR3 1333MHz bellek ile desteklenmiş durumda. 2GB paylaşımlı 3ncü sınıf kategorisinde yer alan 7660G+7670M grafik kartı performans olarak tatminkar sayılabilir. 6 hücreli lityum iyon pil uzun süreli mobil kullanıma olanak sağlyor. 500GB’lık Seagate HDD genel sistem performansına olumlu yönde katkı sağlıyor. Geniş depolama alanı sayesinde resim, ses ve veri dosyalarınızı rahatlıkla bilgisayarınızda saklayabilirsiniz. 15.6″ büyüklüğündeki parlak kaplamalı ekran iyi bir görüntü ve farklı bakış açıları ve ışık ölçülerinde kaliteli bir görsellik sunuyor.


Acer V3 551G’ı yazılımsal olarak incelersek;

Cihaz ön yüklü olarak Windows 8 yüklü olarak gelmektedir. Medya oynatıcılar, güvenlik yazılımları, geliştirici araçlar ve kısıtlı süreli ofis programı da cihazda yüklü olarak gelmektedir. Cihazınızı kullanmaya başlamadan önce “Acer Backup Manager” programı ile dosyalarınızı veya cihaz srücülerinizin yedeğini alabilirsiniz. Sistemini herhangi bir arıza durumunda çökmesi halinde aldığınız yedekler geri yükleme zamanınızı kısaltacaktır. Cihaz içi yüklü gelen yazılımlar sayesinde cihaz açılır açılmaz kendinizi Acer’ın büyüsüne kaptırmış olacaksınız.

Sonuç olarak;

 Acer V3 551G’ın hedef kitlesi orta-üst segment olarak belirlenebilir. Oyun severlerin beklentilerini tam olarak karşılamayacak bir cihaz olsa da belirli grafik çözünürlüklerinde güncel oyunları rahatlıkla oynamanız mümkün. Bildiğiniz gibi Acer’ın her müşteri segmenti için birbirinden farklı modelleri bulunmaktadır. Ekonomiye önem veren ve bunun yanında performans da hedefleyen kullanıcıların kesinlikle değerlendirmesi gereken bir ürün olarak düşünüyorum. Ürün hakkında soru ve görüşlerinizi yorum kısmından belirtebilirsiniz.


Teknik Özellikler:

  • Marka: Acer
  • Model: Acer Aspire V3-551G
  • İşlemci: AMD A10-4600M
  • Yonga seti: AMD A70M
  • 3D hızlandırma: AMD Radeon HD 7660D + AMD Radeon HD 7670M
  • Bellek: 6GB 1333 MHz
  • Sabit disk: Seagate Momentus 5400 RPM 500GB
  • Ekran: 15.6″, 1366 x 768 çözünürlük, 16:9 parlak kaplamalı otomatik aydınlatmalı LED ekran
  • Optik sürücü: Data Stroge DVD-RW
  • Bağlantı: 10/100/1000 Mbps ethernet, WLAN 802.11 b/g/n, Bluetooth 4.0
  • Kart okuyucu: MMC/SD/SDHC/SDXC/MS/MS Pro/HG
  • Web kamerası: 1.3MP, 1024 x 768 çözünürlük
  • USB bağlantısı: 2 x USB 2.0, 1 x USB 3.0
  • Görüntü çıkışı: VGA, HDMI
  • Ses bağlantıları: Mikrofon, kulaklık
  • Pil: 6 hücreli 4400 mAh 10.8 V 47 Wh
  • Adaptör: 19 V DC 4.74 A 90 W
  • Ağırlık: 2.6 KG
  • Boyutlar: 253 x 382 x 33.2 mm
  • İşletim Sistemi: Windows 8


Acer V3-551G-64406G50MA Notebook - incehesap.com

Ürün geçici olarak temin edilememektedir. Ürün temin edildiğinde tekrar satışa sunulacaktır.


Yüksek güç

Aspire V3 Serisi ve çift sabit sürücünün gücüyle aynı anda birden fazla görevi hızla tamamlayın. 1 Yeni nesil Intel® veya AMD işlemci ve üstün NVIDIA® veya AMD grafik kartı seçenekleriyle mükemmel performansın ve görüntülerin tadını çıkarın. Video ve müzik düzenlerken veya Internet'te gezerken sorunsuz ve harika bir deneyim yaşayacağınızdan emin olabilirsiniz.

Hareketli eğlence kaynağı

Acer CineCrystal™ HD ekran, Dolby® Home Theater® v4 ve Blu-ray Disc™ sürücü ile dışarıda veya evde etkileyici HD deneyimini yaşayın. 1 HDMI® ile içeriklerinizi dev ekran HDTV'nizde izleyebilirsiniz: Aspire V3 Serisi eğlence merkeziniz olmaya aday!

Konuşun, paylaşın

En yeni Wi-Fi® kablosuz bağlanabilirlik özelliği ve süper hızlı Gigabit Ethernet ile arkadaşlarınız ve ailenizle irtibat halinde kalın. Tümleşik Acer Crystal Eye HD web kamerası ile net, görüntülü sohbetler gerçekleştirin. Bluetooth®1 ile kablosuz medya aktarın ve sohbet ederken fotoğraflarınızı paylaşın. Ayrıca, AcerCloud tüm aygıtlarınızdaki fotoğraflar, videolar, müzikler ve belgeleri yalnızca birkaç saniyede paylaşır!

Hoş tasarım

Aspire V3 Serisi birçok farklı renk seçeneğine sahiptir. Parlak dış yüzey dikkatleri kapağa, ekran çerçevesine ve avuç dayanağına çekerek hoş ve düzenli bir görünüm sağlar. Üç büyüklük seçeneğinde de standart olan ergonomik chiclet klavye ve hızlı tepki veren, çoklu kontrole sahip dokunmatik yüzey ile gelişmiş rahatlık ve üretkenlik deneyimini yaşayın.

Acer V3-551G-64406G50MA Notebook Özellikleri

  • İşlemciAMD
  • İşlemci ModeliAMD A6-4400M
  • İşlemci Hızı2.70 GHz
  • İşletim SistemiFreeDos
  • Sistem Belleği6 GB
  • Sabit Disk (HDD) 500 GB
  • Ekran Kartı Hafızası2 GB Paylaşımsız
  • Ekran KartıAMD Radeon HD 7670M
  • Ekran Özelliği15.6" LED
  • Optik SürücüDVD/RW (Okuyucu ve Yazıcı)
  • KlavyeTürkçe Q
  • Numerik KlavyeVar
  • VGAVar
  • Kablosuz HaberleşmeWirelles 802.11
  • Bluetooth ÖzelliğiVar
  • WebcamVar
  • Parmak İzi OkuyucuYok
  • Kart OkuyucuVar
  • Batarya6 hücreli Lityum-İyon
  • Garanti24 Ay Garanti (Distribütör Firma Garantisi)

Taksit Tutarı Toplam Tutar

  • 1.139,91 TL 2.279,83 TL +0
  • 752,34 TL 2.257,03 TL +0
  • 575,77 TL 2.303,09 TL +0
  • 465,37 TL 2.326,83 TL +0
  • 376,17 TL 2.257,03 TL +0

Taksit Tutarı Toplam Tutar

  • 1.139,91 TL 2.279,83 TL +0
  • 759,94 TL 2.279,83 TL +0
  • 575,77 TL 2.303,09 TL +0
  • 460,62 TL 2.303,09 TL +0
  • 387,81 TL 2.326,83 TL +0

Taksit Tutarı Toplam Tutar

  • 1.151,54 TL 2.303,09 TL +0
  • 767,70 TL 2.303,09 TL +0
  • 581,71 TL 2.326,83 TL +0
  • 470,21 TL 2.351,07 TL +0
  • 391,84 TL 2.351,07 TL +0

Taksit Tutarı Toplam Tutar

  • 1.139,91 TL 2.279,83 TL +0
  • 767,70 TL 2.303,09 TL +0
  • 581,71 TL 2.326,83 TL +0
  • 470,21 TL 2.351,07 TL +0
  • 391,84 TL 2.351,07 TL +0

Taksit Tutarı Toplam Tutar

  • 1.139,91 TL 2.279,83 TL +0
  • 767,70 TL 2.303,09 TL +0
  • 581,71 TL 2.326,83 TL +0
  • 465,37 TL 2.326,83 TL +0
  • 391,84 TL 2.351,07 TL +0

Taksit Tutarı Toplam Tutar

  • 1.151,54 TL 2.303,09 TL +0
  • 767,70 TL 2.303,09 TL +0
  • 581,71 TL 2.326,83 TL +0
  • 465,37 TL 2.326,83 TL +0
  • 387,81 TL 2.326,83 TL +0

Taksit Tutarı Toplam Tutar

  • 383,85 TL 2.303,09 TL +4
  • 775,61 TL 2.326,83 TL +0
  • 581,71 TL 2.326,83 TL +0
  • 465,37 TL 2.326,83 TL +0
  • --
2.257,03 TL

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Son Gezdiğiniz Ürünler


Acer Acer ASPIRE V3-551-64404G50Makk Характеристики


Тип экрана
Разрешение экрана
1366x768 13
Сенсорный экран
Размер экрана
15.6 дюйм 85
Широкоформатный экран
нет 0
Светодиодная подсветка экрана
Поддержка 3D
нет 0


Емкость аккумулятора
4400 мАч 0
Тип аккумулятора


2.53 кг 57
Пульт ДУ
нет 0
нет 0
нет 0
Сканер отпечатка пальца
нет 0
нет 0
Кенсингтонский замок
нет 0
Металлический корпус
нет 0
Ударопрочный корпус
нет 0
Влагозащищенный корпус
нет 0
382 мм
253 мм
35 мм


Вход микрофонный
Выход аудио/наушники
Встроенная сетевая карта
Макс. скорость адаптера LAN
100 Мбит/с
Встроенный факс-модем
нет 0
Количество интерфейсов USB 2.0
Количество интерфейсов USB 3.0
Интерфейс FireWire
нет 0
Интерфейс FireWire 800
нет 0
Интерфейс eSATA
нет 0
Инфракрасный порт (IRDA)
нет 0
Интерфейс LPT
нет 0
нет 0
Интерфейс PS/2
нет 0
Выход VGA (D-Sub)
Выход mini VGA
нет 0
Выход DVI
нет 0
Выход HDMI
Выход micro HDMI
нет 0
Выход DisplayPort
нет 0
Выход Mini DisplayPort
нет 0
Вход TV-in
нет 0
Выход TV-out
нет 0
Подключение к док-станции
нет 0
Вход аудио
нет 0
Вход микрофонный/выход на наушники Combo
нет 0
Выход аудио цифровой (S/PDIF)
нет 0


Наличие колонок
Наличие сабвуфера
нет 0
Наличие микрофона


AMD Radeon HD 7520G
Два видеоадаптера
нет 0
Тип видеопамяти


Размер оперативной памяти
4 Гб
Тип памяти

Беспроводная связь

Стандарт Wi-Fi
Поддержка WiDi
нет 0
Версия Bluetooth
нет 0
нет 0
Поддержка GSM/GPRS
нет 0
Поддержка 3G (UMTS)
нет 0
Поддержка EDGE
нет 0
Поддержка HSDPA
нет 0


Операционная система
Win 8 64


Количество ядер процессора
2 50
Объем кэша L2
1 Мб
Тип процессора
Код процессора
Частота процессора
2700 МГц 87

Устройства хранения данных

Оптический привод
Размещение оптического привода
Объем накопителя
500 Гб
Тип жесткого диска
Интерфейс жесткого диска
Serial ATA

Слоты расширения

Слот ExpressCard
нет 0

Устройства ввода

Устройства позиционирования
Подсветка клавиатуры
нет 0

Карты памяти

Устройство для чтения флэш-карт
Поддержка Compact Flash
нет 0
Поддержка Memory Stick
да 10
Поддержка SD
Поддержка SDHC
нет 0
Поддержка SDXC
нет 0
Поддержка miniSD
нет 0
Поддержка microSD
нет 0
Поддержка microSDHC
нет 0
Поддержка microSDXC
нет 0
Поддержка SmartMedia
нет 0
Поддержка xD-Picture Card
да 10
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